News April ’22

Following a recent accident on the Boothferry plot attention has been drawn to the difficulty of explaining to the emergency services by phone exactly where the allotments are.

We have no postal address or post code. It is therefore useful to know that the next door house on Boothferry Road is number 350 and its postcode is HU13 0NF.

The member concerned is doing fine and was attended to by Raymond Holmes, who had previously offered his first aid expertise when he was on site. Thank you Ray.

Thank you to Richard Atkinson ( and his sons) for installing the new fence boundary to our car park. Well done.

Thanks to Ralph Dawson for sourcing the timber.

A skip….yes a skip is on its way to the site. It is expected on Wednesday 4th May at 8 am. Geoff the Warden will attend for its delivery. No bulky items or recyclable material please.

We still have a few seats available for our RHS Bridgewater trip on Sunday 12th June – Tickets are £10 each and includes coach travel and admission.

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